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bryanw - Beethoven Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia ("Moonlight") 27/2: Message Board

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me 2011-04-24 05:46:50 Beethoven lives. That was bawl my eyes out beautiful. Thank you.
Cinnamonbear 2010-12-25 06:14:03 A powerful performance! Way to go, bryanw! All three movements absolutely top notch.
liszt85 2010-12-20 14:06:44 Awesome! You also picked a sensible tempo for the first movement. Its as Schiff said.. most people play it too slow for cut common time. It was a real treat, thanks!
ChrisKeys 2010-12-20 08:54:50 Bravo! One of the finest performances of this sonata I've heard. The lyricism of the 1st movement, and the prominence of the melody, was outstanding. I'm OK with not holding down the dampers throughout for the same reason as you cite (though it's interesting to try experimenting with half-pedaling throughout). The 2nd movement is phrased well. And the last movement: Wow! It grabbed me on the first notes and didn't let go. It was compelling, demanding, insistent! And you achieved tremendous clarity throughout this movement, a difficult feat to pull off. Congratulations!
Inlanding 2010-12-18 23:58:39 This was beautifully played! You are really connecting with the music throughout. You provide a wonderful example of tonal and dynamics control. You play with such expression in each movement. Thoroughly enjoyed this! Such great skill. Thank you for your music.
Strings & Wood 2010-12-18 22:08:31 I like your voicing with this one. Listening to yours gives me an impression for improving mine.
bryanw 2010-12-18 08:24:51 Thanks for the comment, there is ALOT of compression, the proper recording is a very very large file.
My friend who recorded this said there would be a loss of quality to get it the right size for uploading!

It's a 6'2" piano. Or round about lol

Pedal isn't down the whole way because the sustain of Beethoven's piano would have been much shorter than our modern version.
I like to change with the harmony. Just personal preference. I'm not a score nazi lol
wouter79 2010-12-17 08:00:49 Great! Wow, I am always amazed when someone pulls off that third movement. Congratulations!

You also do not seem to keep the pedal pressed for the whole first part (as is instructed by Beethoven).

As with the two other versions here I miss the dynamics in the first part. My edition is quite explicit about the dynamics. Am I exaggerating the dynamics too much? Or is that an edition difference?

LOL I was thinking that this was a DP recording until I heard that cough. This must be a large grand? Good recording, balanced, no clipping. Bass is a bit overdone IMHO but nice. But in the 3rd movement there seems some dynamic compression, the basses seem to push out the trebles. Loud trebles are occasionally a bit shrill, might be the piano or recording.