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Angela Lear

Unsung Heroes III

We are very pleased to present this e-cital entitled Unsung Heroes, Part III, dedicated to the efforts of those composers who poured their lives and resources into largely thankless work. In a modest attempt to right this wrong we all hope that, through this presentation, these long-hidden treasures may be brought to light and introduced to a wider audience.

We wish to thank our performers who have devoted many hours to preparation of these pieces, and hope they may receive their well-deserved mead of appreciation from others.

We wish to thank you, the listener, for taking the the time to download and hear these performances and hope you enjoy them! We cordially invite you to participate in our discussion board - just click the linked number under the "Discussion" column.

To use this page, you need to have Adobe Flash Player; if you can play YouTube videos, you should be able to use the embedded player here. Click the "?" on each player to view additional info, including the performer's own tags, while the recording plays.

NOTE: E-cital suffered a drastic hacking attack followed by a catastrophic hard drive failure which has eliminated all of the previous comments. Given the short timeframe between these two events, we did not have time to establish a redundancy system. We apologize, therefore, not only for the spotty availabilty during the former events but also for the lost comments during the latter.

And now, without further ado...

Performer Name Title Op./No. Listen Video Thoughts Discussion
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Piano Sonata I knew William Flanagan as the Classical music critic fo...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Fifth Piano Sonata Mv 1 37 Vincent Persichetti is not exactly an "Unsung Hero" -- ...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Fifth Piano Sonata, Mv 2 37 See notes on Persichetti, Mv 1 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Fifth Piano Sonata, Mv 3 37 See Persichetti, Mv 1 -- Only additional comment is th...(More) 0
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Cinnamonbear Andy Strong Consolation "Consolation" is the fifth piece in "Eleven Works for Pi...(More) 0
Cinnamonbear Andy Strong Melody "Melody" is the second piece in "Eleven Works for Piano"...(More) 0
currawong Herzliebster Jesu Margaret Sutherland Two Chorale Preludes on Bach Choral...(More) 0
currawong Jesu, meine Freude Margaret Sutherland (1897-1984) Two Chorale Preludes on...(More) 0
currawong Sonatina movt 2 Australian comppser Margaret Sutherland (1897-1984) was ...(More) 0
dannylux Mel Waltz in A Major Vasily Kalinnikov (1866-1901) wrote his Valse in 1894. I...(More) 0
debrucey Bruce David Jefferies Night Pieces X 0
LadyChen Gallop You can read about the composer, Christos Tsitsaros at h...(More) 0
LadyChen Strangeness of Heart From the Vancouver Sun, after Somers death in 1999: ...(More) 0
Musica 71 Judy Darst Gagliarda X 0
musica 71 Judy Darst Spanish Dances, Rustica, Serrana X 0
musica71 Judy Darst Siciliana X 0
SlatterFan Julian Daydream John Ireland (1879-1962) was an English composer who spe...(More) 0
SlatterFan Julian Meridian John Ireland (1879-1962) was an English composer who spe...(More) 0
SlatterFan Julian Summer Evening John Ireland (1879-1962) was an English composer who spe...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson American Ballads In the 1930's and '40's, Roy Harris was regarded as one ...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson El Bejuco; El Indio Paul Bowles is better known as an author ("Under the She...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Guaracha Morton Gould enjoyed quite a successful music career as ...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Rondel (To a Young Girl) Leo Smit was better known as a pianist during his lifeti...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Sonatina for Piano Gail Kubik was a composer best known in the '40's and '5...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Variations, from Music for Piano Irvine Fine was a well-known and respected composer and ...(More) 0
Tim Adrianson Tim Adrianson Salute to Scarlatti Norman Dello Joio first "breakthrough" piano piece, whic...(More) 0
Dachshund William Valentine Waltz 0
Rachfan David April Prologue from Eight Mood Pictures 1/1 This is the “Prologue� from Eight Mood Pictures Op. ...(More) 0
test tester test 1/1 test 0
dannylux Mel Consolation 9/1 Ukranian late-Romantic Viktor Kosenko wrote the Consolat...(More) 0
heidiv heidiv RĂŞverie 10/4 Recorded on Zoom H4n, Steinway L, closed lid. Audacity ...(More) 0
Inlanding Glen Élégie 10/5 X Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet, (May 12, 1842 –...(More) 0
ronde des sylphes Nuit d'ete 11/5 XNo. 5 of Liapunov's set of transcendental etudes, writte...(More) 0
dannylux Mel Reverie d'Amour 20/2 York Bowen (1884-1961) was a English composer whose styl...(More) 0
wr Prelude 31/16 A single voice in a simple two-note motif with tolling r...(More) 1
Rachfan David April Prelude 37/1 Alexander Scriabin composed the Prelude Op. 37, No. 1 in...(More) 0
dannylux Mel Etude 'Greetings to Liszt' 40/3 Otto Nicolai (1810-1849) is remembered, if at all, for w...(More) 0
wr 12 Esquisses, 1st Series 41/6 Charles Koechlin (1867-1950) was a French composer, writ...(More) 0
wr 12 Esquisses, 1st Series 41/7 Marked "Adagio" and "comme de l'orgue". There is no ti...(More) 0
wr 12 Esquisses, 1st Series 41/8 The marking is "Moderato tranquillo ma non lento". 0
wr 12 Esquisses, 1st Series 41/9 Andante (non troppo lento) presque "moderato". It's fas...(More) 0
wr Nocturne 57/1 0
dannylux Mel Lyrica Nova 59/3 Sergei Bortkiewicz wrote Lyrica Nova Op.59 No.3 in 1940,...(More) 0
ronde des sylphes Casta diva for l.h. only 61 XA very rare arrangement by the Italian 19th century comp...(More) 0
FSO Fluttershy Oakley Morituri te salutant 63/21 Perhaps one of the better known of these unsung heroes, ...(More) 0
ronde des sylphes A te, o cara (transcription from Bellini) 70/1 XIn the bicentenary year of the composer, here is the fir...(More) 0