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Carey - Beethoven Sonata No. 31 in A flat Major, 1st mov. 110: Message Board

Carey's Comments

Because it is available, I decided to submit my old 1976 recital recording of the Opus 110 - even though the same work is being submitted by at least one other member. I think it is productive for PW visitors to have the opportunity to hear different interpretations of the various sonatas. I look forward to listening to all of the submissions !!

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Name Date Comment
Carey 2010-12-23 16:22:23 Thanks guys !! Much appreciated.
Cinnamonbear 2010-12-18 05:42:13 Glad you posted this one, too, Phil. It never gets old, either. Your playing is so smooth and authoritative. You proved with your new posting of Op. 78 that is wasn't a fluke. Ha-ha! You had the heart and mind of a fine pianst then, and you have the heart and mind of a fine pianist, now! Oh--AND da Chops!
wouter79 2010-12-17 10:47:28 Great playing! Nice dynamics.

Quite some echo in the room, but just okay for this piece. I think a little less echo would benefit the piece.

recording: balanced, no clipping, quite some noise but not too disturbing. Nice to hear a more distant-mic setup, most people now seem to prefer to stick the mic right into the piano.
at 1/4 the noise seems to sudden drop? Piano sounds fine.
jazzyprof 2010-12-16 23:06:52 Wow, Phil, that was amazing!