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liszt85 - Beethoven Sonata 'Tempest' 31/2: Message Board

liszt85's Comments

I just learned the last 2 pages in the last few days. So I recorded that separate and merged it with a recording of the first part that I made today. My piano was tuned a couple of months ago but the winter has wreaked havoc and its lost its tuning and a few keys also make an annoying "click". Sorry about that. Thanks for listening!

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liszt85 2010-12-25 12:39:39 Thanks wouter79. I got the humidifier installed yesterday. It will hopefully hold tune better now.
wouter79 2010-12-22 05:34:04 Great interpretation, you go extremely slow at some points but it still makes sense, well done!

recording. fine, little noise, balanced, no clipping. But mic very close to piano, little bass.
As you said, piano could really need a good tuning and something makes click noises, and something is 'scraping' (the pedal it seems). I really think that a humidifier will solve most of these issues.
liszt85 2010-12-17 07:19:21 Thanks for the lovely comment :). I'm playing a 1988 Yamaha P22 studio upright. I had it tuned 2 months ago when I bought it but the winter heat is too high in my apt. I'm getting a humidifier installed next week and will get it tuned again 2-3 weeks after that.
Cinnamonbear 2010-12-17 01:37:47 Nicely played! You have a great sense of drama! I like the way you were so patient in the parts where you needed to be patient, and let it fly where you needed to let it fly. I was particularly captivated by the way you held the sustain on those long rolled chords, and in that really slow, quiet melody section. Gorgeous! Also, you control your dynamics so well--very intentional AND artistic.

Personally, I think the um... authentic tuning... adds quite a bit to this piece. Really, I do! It sounds like you were paying attention to the rhythm in the beats as the sound sustained, and actually let the ringing and wavering shape your timing. In other words, it seemed like you were listening carefully and cooperating with what the piano was doing. What kind of piano are you playing? Let me guess--it's an upright! What year was it made?

Nicely done, liszt85!