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Angela Lear

Kuanpiano - Beethoven Piano Sonata no.21 - "Waldstein" mov.1 53: Message Board

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wouter79 2010-12-21 04:42:36 Great playing! Nice dynamics. Great that you can keep such a long piece interesting.

Small part in the middle of the piece sounded a bit too much sustain pedal to me, it got all blurry, but I suppose you want it that way.

Piano sounds waaayy out of tune. Get it tuned, your playing is so much better than the piano ;-)
Recording: balanced, only a little noise, no clipping. I miss the bass, I suppose this is part due to the piano but mostly due to the mic.
Carey 2010-12-18 23:06:11 KP - Wonderful job on the 1st movement despite a less than stellar piano. I'd love to hear another recording on a better instrument.......when you have the time, of course !! You have an excellent understanding of how this piece should be played - and the "chops" to make it happen. Lots of talent here !! Good luck with your finals !!