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Angela Lear

Cinnamonbear - Beethoven Sonata No. 30, 3rd Mov. Theme and Var. 1 109/30: Message Board

Cinnamonbear's Comments

Just started to work on this movement. It is on my musical "bucket list"--the movement, not the whole sonata!... And since Op. 109 has not been represented yet, here is my contribution, if but a fragment.

Actually, I recorded this much, because the piano sounded so good, and at 4:45, it's almost enough music to stand on its own as a little piece. Bill Bremmer tuned it and re-shaped the hammers just last week. The piano is my little 36" Lester spinet, tuned to the Equal Beating Victorian Temperament III (EBVT III). I think this stunning temperament makes the harmonies in the chordal theme really sing! Enjoy!

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Inlanding 2010-12-18 23:48:04 Such a beautiful piece of music, played even more beautifully. It's just incredible how well that drop-action action responds to your touch. Do you prefer playing Beethoven's music over all the others, or is your repertoire equally as deep, representing all the other greats? You stumbled upon a magical piano there with which to express your music. ENCORE, ENCORE!
Carey 2010-12-18 21:17:38 Gee Andy, now you can honestly boast that you've performed an early (Opus 49), middle (Opus 79) and late period (Opus 109) Beethoven sonata !!