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Andy Platt - Tansman In Memory of George Gershwin "1925": Message Board

Andy Platt's Comments

I'm not 100% happy with the performance or the recording. The performance is a little "safe" and not quite as interesting as it could be. But it was take #4 and I needed to get something in the bag before anyone returned to the house.

And I usually like to record from the left side of the piano but that outlet wasn't cooperating so it's from the right side and there's more of a treble boost than I like.

The piece is lovely, however, and deserves a wider audience. It's definitely unsung!!

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Inlanding 2011-08-22 14:19:46 Being a big Gershwin fan, it was really great to hear your very nice interpretation of this very Gershwinesque piece by Tansman. Excellent choice.
kck 2011-08-22 10:13:11 Sounded wonderful and very interesting to me! Great piece.
wr 2011-08-22 04:08:13 Cool piece, and well played. Thanks!
Julian (SlatterFan) 2011-08-21 07:51:15 Great piece! If you hadn't told us about the circumstances of the recording I'd have assumed you were evoking a somber mood, as if playing for Gershwin's funeral. I think it can work played a variety of ways. Next year, or in Pianist Corner's Member Recordings, you can give us a more playful version.
Cinnamonbear 2011-08-20 18:30:11 Way to go, Andy! This one is Gershwinny AND Tansmanny! Do you know when it was written? Say, here's a hint about getting things in the bag: always keep $20 in your wallet so you can send people back out for ice cream if they come home too soon. Better yet, save up and keep $50 in there so you can send them back out to a movie! : ) Seriously, this is a nice piece, and regardless of your assessment of it, you capture the bluesy swing and the modern melange very well. Glad to hear more Tansman! Thanks!
Greg 2011-08-20 18:11:03 "But it was take #4 and I needed to get something in the bag before anyone returned to the house."

Been there, done that LOL!

It's a delightful piece, even if a conservative rendition. Gershwin's ghost comes through loud and clear.

I almost picture a lazy summer afternoon at old-fashioned soda bar at a pharmacy, with black and white tiled floor, old friends chewing the rag... If music can evoke imagery, the performer has succeeded.