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gooddog - Liszt Il Penseroso, Annees de Pelerinage: Message Board

gooddog's Comments

The piece refers to a statue and poem by Michelangelo. The sculpture, "The Thinker" is found on the tomb of Lorenzo de Medici. Michelanglo's poem:
"I am grateful to be asleep
And more grateful to be made of stone!
As long as there is injustice and shame on earth
I count it a blessing not to see or hear
So do not wake me, speak softly..."

Liszt requested this piece be played at his funeral, but the wish was not fulfilled.

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Damon 2011-10-25 03:23:09 Good work! I'm so glad you joined in the celebration. The Years of Pilgrimage set is a favorite of mine. I underestimated the piece from it that I was going to do, so it isn't here. Brahms should have a birthday soon!
Carey 2011-10-24 17:01:00 Deborah - so good to finally hear you play !!!!! Very thoughtful interpretation (no pun intended).
Josh 2011-10-22 19:23:09 I don't mean to be picky...but I believe the piece that Liszt requested be played at his funeral was La Notte - an extended version of this piece, and played by orchestra, I may be wrong though?

Anyway, I enjoyed this thoroughly Deborah! I always associated you with Bach - it's good hearing you turn to the darkside, so to speak :D