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jeffreyjones - Liszt Consolation No. 3: Message Board

jeffreyjones's Comments

I decided on a lark to include the six wonderful Consolations. They're some of my go-to pieces when I need an easy, charming offertory for church service, so I didn't quite play these blind, but they didn't get any specific preparation either, so I'm sure they could be done better! :)

I separated out No. 3 because it's the best and most famous of the six.

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Josh 2011-10-23 03:38:09 Okay :) Your playing is wonderful, I especially love the Ballade which is one of my favourite solo piano played it magnificently, in fact I think I have a go-to recording now, along with Stephen Hough.
jeffreyjones 2011-10-23 01:19:11 That recording of the Consolations 1 and 2 is me as well, it got ascribed to BruceD by mistake.
Josh 2011-10-22 19:44:05 Is this jefferyjones or BruceD playing? The same description is given for BruceD and the first two consolations...where it was said he'd play the whole lot, and the final 4 are under jefferyjones.