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Angela Lear

Inlanding - Massenet Élégie 10/5: Message Board

Inlanding's Comments

Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet, (May 12, 1842 – August 13, 1912), was a French composer best known for over twenty-five operas, but he wrote Oratorios, Ballets, Orchestral compositions, piano pieces, a great many songs.
What I also found interesting about him is that most, if not all, of his compositions were not written while sitting at the piano, but entirely from his imagination. A bit quirky, he did not attend dress-rehersals or performances and others would report back to him of his successes.
Élégie is one of those songs he wrote. I first heard it on YouTube sung by Marian Anderson with a cello accompaniment, then I heard a piano version of it and decided to learn it as I am just now getting back to playing a bit. It will mature over time.

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