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Cinnamonbear - Chandler Melody: Message Board

Cinnamonbear's Comments

"Melody" is the second piece in "Eleven Works for Piano" (c 2010), a collection of works by contemporary American composer Steve Chandler. Steve has a wonderful sense of melody and an affinity for layered sounds with intriguing harmonies. In my opinion, his music needs and deserves interpreters, and I hope that after hearing this piece, or my other offering to this year's e-cital, a rendition of Chandler's "Consolation," some people with chops for, say, Kapustin, might be interested to try some of Steve's more technically demanding works.

In the introduction to "Eleven Works," about "Melody," Steve writes:

"A two page piece that explores interesting harmonies in the context of an attractive melody. Care must be taken to bring out the melody on top. The challenge of this piece is to keep the motion of the music consistent and musical without regard to the harmonic and register changes. I have not notated pedaling, but conscientious pedaling will be crucial to a successful performance. Please take care to keep harmonic changes clear and unobscured by avoiding the use of too much pedal."

"Melody" is in E maj. This short piece is packed with sonic complexity. It is beautifully crafted with gently sweeping arcs, a quiet rhapsody.

It is played on a 1940 Lester spinet, tuned by Bill Bremmer to his Equal Beating Victorian Temperament III.

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