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Angela Lear

Carey - Franck Prelude, Fugue et Variation (VARIATION): Message Board

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heidiv 2010-08-22 12:22:32 How nice to hear the whole work. You make it sound so easy, which I know it's not. Very expressive playing!
inlanding 2010-08-21 22:35:52 do you do it? What a fantastic series you played so very well.
wr 2010-08-21 04:07:28 Very musical playing indeed, and you managed to hide the difficulties very well. I am totally impressed.
Carey 2010-08-21 00:25:21 After a brief transition, the theme of the Variation is the same as the theme of the Prelude - with a different accompaniment.
Sorcerer88 2010-08-20 22:23:27 Nice finish! I'm not sure though what the theme of the variation is, is it played at the beginning or taken from the other variations?